torsdag 2. oktober 2014

A house full of doors

Every house has doors, of course. But ours have a few more. And they are not even attatched to any thing! They are just standing there, leaning towards the wall. Not opening, not closing.
Theire only job is to look gorgeous! Thats right! I use them for decorative reasons. 
When my husbands grandmothers old house was up for demolition, we went in and took out quite a few old doors and windows. The house had bin in the family for about 100 years, and this was a great way for the family to let some of it stay alive after the demolition. I was lucky to take home three doors and two windows. I (well, my husband) personally went down the dark, moist, crawling basement to remove them our selfes. I could`nt believe ho beautiful they looked! Old, stained paint had been chipping of for ages, and the looks were still intact with the key! Rusty, but intact.

Look at that lovely, chipped paint.
That is naturally antiqueing for you!

That table har a whole other story to it. But I just wanted to show you how pretty a simple thing like a door can look when you place it in youre interior. And with this old window together with it, it really sets the tone.
Now, I have two more doors. One just became our new coffee table with custom made hair-pin legs and the third one is about to become a laundry desk in our ever so tiiiiiny bathroom/toilet/laundry room. So stay tuned for more posting!

Here`s a little inspirational pictures for you I found on Pinterest

On this page I found the idea of using the last door as a laundry room counter.

Great inspiration for making a coffee table out of an ord door here.

Love this cupboard! Allready have the perfect window for it! Why not?

And last but not least, these lovely lamp-walls! Imagine how great they would look next 
to a bed, behind youre nightstands.
So many possibilities, so little doors!

Thats it for now. Do you have doors and windows leaning against your walls that are decorative reasons only? I would love to hear about what ideas you might have for it.

A big thanks to these ladies for featuring me on 
The Vintage Inspirational Party

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  1. Hi there! I hopped over from Vintage Inspiration! I love old doors & love how you used yours! Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings, Cecilia

  2. Hi Ceciliia! How nice of you to stop by! Thanks for the nice words:) Hope to see you again:)


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