onsdag 17. september 2014

In the very beginning....

We recently moved to an old house after having rented an apartment for nearly 10 years.
The apartment was built during the 90`s, therefore, the colors on the walls were able to state just that!
For allmost 10 years we lived with yellow, moss green, dark blue, vine red and peach! And of course panel! Lots of wood panel. Can you emagine the horror? (Ok, it wasnt THAT bad, but since we were`nt allowed to do any big inventory changes, it sort of still was horrible)
Then we moved in to this old 40`s-50`s something house. It was worn out, shabby (not the cheek way!), and smelly. But it was bigger than what we had earlier, and with lots of potential.
So the renovations began. We didnt have a lot of furniture from our previous household, therefore I was on the look out all the time for second hand and thrifted furniture. Luckily, my mother in law had put away quite a few items at the family barn, so I got to take home several vintage pieces, mostly in good condition. And I think that is propably were it all started. I was now officially hooked.

Here`s a wall cabinet I have hung on my kitchen wall. It has probably had some kind of paint on it, but it has been stripped of completely. And the cabinet now has a lovely worn out kind of feeling to it. I love how it has the rugged and watery white pain on the inside,
Lately I have been wondering if I should paint it and hang it in the dining room. But I cant seem to make up my mind... I kind of like this wooden look to it, and I am afraid that if I paint it I will regret it. What do you think? I have got a lot of shared input on that subject. Oh well, I guess I have to sleep on it a little more.

On my next post I`ll show you what I am working on. Heres a little clue:

Have a great day!

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