mandag 1. juni 2015

Dining room essentials; a vintage cupboard in new paint

Dont you just LOVE free stuff? Especially free furniture? I do! Unfortunately, that rarely happens.
But this time I scored big time! I found this in an ad. A young man was helping his grandmother getting rid of some stuff, and this amazing cabinet was up for grabs! I could not resist as I had been looking a while for that perfect piece for my dining room. And I really had the feeling that this could be it!

This is how the ol`thing looked like when I picked it up. It had been spraypainted green at some time, but the original color was white. I could tell because there was some chipping and scapings to show for it. I really couldnt decice it the color was actually nice or right down ugly...? What do you think?
Any how, I never let an opportunity to try out milkpaint slipp out of my hands, so I jumped to it and bought Miss Mustard Seeds new colors Bergere and Mora.

Arent they just lovely? My first thought was that the Bergere was a little to blue, so I mixed in some Shutter Grey to tone it down a litte. Not so sure it helped...

But first I gave the cabinet a layer of white, homemade chalkpaint. I did this so I could reduce the usage of my expencive milkpaint. Allso, It made a great underlayer of color for the other colors.

And then magic happens!

I think this picture was taken before the wax was added....

Perfect fit! And it goes great with my milkpainted wooden chairs!
No need to mention that I am ecstatic about my new piece, is it?
Well, in case there`s any doubt;
I LOVE my new cupboard!! 

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  1. Such beautiful pieces! I really need to get out my mild paint and try um out.

    1. Thank you Pamela! I was so happy to se my post futured this week:)

  2. OMG is right-love the two colors together and MMS is the best!

  3. I would like to invite you to share your work on my linky party. It starts Thursdays at 6:00 pm (MST). It is a Furniture only party and I would be honored to have you join! I hope to see you there!

  4. Tone, your work, is absolutely beautiful! I did jump over to your blog after you left such a lovely comment for me. Thank you! I LOVE this cabinet. I'm partial to blue and white, but you did such a fabulous job of capturing the old farmhouse in this. Beautiful!!!

    1. Hi Cheryl! So glad to have you by my Page! Thank you for your lovely comment :)


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