tirsdag 16. juni 2015

Drop-leaf table with grainsack stripes

I want to say that one can never ever get enough tables. Just like one can not get enough chairs. But then I would be lying. Because when one does not have enough space for all those tables and chairs,
then one might have a problem. Like I did.... or do.... When it comes to furniture, I hoard. I will gladly admit it. Theres no shame to it! I think....Okey, maybe just a little....?

I found this lovely drop leaf table online, and the price was not so bad. I actually bought it with the intent to use it in our dining room as a side table. But like any other project I have, they get held up, because, well, I am not an octopus. And before I even got to start on painting the table, I found a vintage cabinet online that I allso wanted for our dining room. Because, again, I am a hoarder....
So I decided that when I was finished with the table, I would sell it. And within a few days after it was done, a nice lady came by and picked it up. She wanted to use it as a stand for her newly bought vintage singer sewing machine, An insanely heavy, but beautyfull machine, that deserved just as beautyfull a table for it to stand on.

I used Miss Mustard Seeds Ironstone and Shutter Grey for this one. I allso painted the inside of the drawer with a little leftover from the color Mora, wich I used on the new cabinet. Its not easy to see, but its there. And isnt that rose knob just lovely?? (note to self; get new one for the closet door...)

I got the inspiration for the grainsack stripes on Pinterest. There are so many lovely tables with grainsack stripes! I have been wanting to make them for a while now, and I instantly knew that this table was perfect for just that.

I really enjoyed the distressing job on this piece. It brings so much history and character to a piece of furniture when it is rugged and toughened up.
The whole table got a very good amount of clear wax, before I used a little antique wax on the legs.

This project was a lot of work, but allso a lot of fun. Just to bad I couldt keep it.....
Hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great day! 

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  1. This is really pretty! Love the grain sack stripe and the distressing. I'm so glad you stopped by Your Turn To Shine :).

    1. Thank you for that Amy!
      It is always an honor to participate !

  2. What a beauty! Love the stripes. I agree with you about never having enough chairs-I have a hard time passing old ones up-I have a lot in my workshop!

  3. This is stunning, Tone! Which kind of tape did you use for the stripes?

    Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home

    1. Thank you Dagmar! I used painters tape to line up the stripes. You know the kind you use when painting walls and you dont want any to get outside the lines :)

  4. You did a lovely job on this sweet little table! Well done!


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