tirsdag 8. desember 2015

Teak secretaire transformation

Hello everyone!

Last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy!
But I have had the time to paint a few pieces. One of them wich I`ll show you today.
A local office was announcing that they were getting rid of alot of old furniture. All of it dating back to around the 70`s. Among the items were a sleek teak desk, a teak secretaire and an old wooden stool.
I called and announced that I could pick up these three pieces later that day. No worries, they would hold them for me.
Guess what happened? Yep.... someone else got there before me and "stole" them from me! Aaaaah...!  I hate it when that happenes! I know it was free furniture, but still! They said they would make sure no one else got it. Well, well...... At least I got to bring home the teak secretaire desk.

It stood in the basement a few days before I brought it in. I was just waiting for an aha experience on what to do with it. And it did come! A few weeks ago, I bought some left over wallpaper, and still had this amazing piece that actually costs a fortune! About $115 per roll! Jikes! I was happy I only had this one meter! Haha....

So then It all came down to the colors. I used (no surprise there...) Miss Mustard Seeds milkpaint in the colors Typewriter, Bergere, Trophy and Shutter Grey. I mixed them a little around.

The sides I painted with Typewriter. That was a new ecperience for me! I was hoping for a bit more glossy finish on the color after waxing. But instead I felt that it looked a little more like chalkboard.... Maybe hempoil is better? The real showstopper here though, is the wallpaper on the front. I wanted the paint colors to reflect in it. I think they are quite on spot, dont you?

On the drawers I used a mix of Bergere and a little Trophy, and I got a hold of a huge lot of antique pullers. They were perfect!

And the same for the inside. I wanted some of the original teak color to play a part of this piece, so I left the top, edgings and the inside shelf as is. The little drawer allso got a piece of the highly expencive wallpaper.

I actually think this picture is before waxing...

The inside of the drawers were in PERFECT condition! It surtainly didnt look like they were 30-40 years old! So I left them as is. 
(Hey! Did you by any chance see that I allso painted the floor in this room?? Scroll up to the other pictures and you`ll see the transformation. No more 70`s cork vinyl floors! ) 

When posting it on facebook for sale, there was a lady who just could`nt restrain herself, and asked how in the world I could ruin all these lovely furniture?! She had seen alot of my pieces, and her opinions was that I ruined them with my painting, and that they were ugly. I will admit that it got to me for a second, but I obviously have fans, because she got really put in place by other people standing up for me. A very talented woman I know told me: "You are not famous before you have haters". Maybe that is true?....
Anyways, someone really fell to its liking, and got to take this (very nice if you ask me) teak secretaire home! So I am happy:)

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  1. What a beautiful piece. You really did a great job. I'm not surprised it found a new home right away!

  2. Gosh, this is stunning!! How annoying that you didn't get the other pieces saved for you, but at least you got this one :)

    1. Thank you Jen! How funny to "see" you her! I have been admiring your patterns for quite some time!
      Thank you for your lovely comment:D

  3. Really cool and unique! Featured you at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!


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