onsdag 8. oktober 2014

Can you paint hardware? Sure you can! { How to paint and distress hardware with chalkpaint }

In my obsession with chalkpaint I continue to try it out on different material.
No need to say my husband has layed down the law when it comes to chalkpainting every single furniture, a long time ago.
As I told earlier, this secretaire was missing drawer pullers after I removed the old, ugly ones, and the hunt for the perfect pullers had begun. I searched and searched through the obvious internet dealers. But I am kind of cheap when it comes to buying stuff, and since this blog is about frugal furbishing after all, I couldnt make my self by new "old" drawer handles for over $30-40.
And it is in moments like these when you really find out who payes attention to what you say and do, because a recently acquaintance of mine, who I actually bought one of my makeovers with, saw my announcement on facebook and said she had six pullers she wanted to GIVE me! Now, if youre in to that kind of stuff, you know thats a BIG DEAL! And whats even better, they had the perfect look! I just had to paint them.

 So I mixed up a batch of my homemade chalkpaint, using the color duck egg blue (my favourit!) and started painting. But I had to make shure that they did`nt look completely new, so I distressed them, using sandpaper. and gave them a go with first the clear wax, then the dark to give them an aged look. If I can say so myself, I think I succeded.

And they looked perfect!

Now I only need to find the time to put them on. I suck at finding time to finnish up on last details.
How are you with finishing projects? Sorry to say, but I tend to drag things out by starting on a new project before the old one is completely finished.

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  1. Chalk paint is so fun to work with! I love the way you distressed these drawer pulls! -Amy

    1. Thank you:) yes, I am absolutely obsessed with chalkpaint! It is so versatile!

  2. These look fantastic! I love how chalk paint makes just about anything look fabulous!

    1. Thank you Jamie:) It still amazes me how versatile chalkpaint is. I nevet get bored of it, and I hope I never will:)
      Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Good ole chalk paint. Love it! These tuned out gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks Jann:) I agree, the transformation is so simple but it gives a whole other look:)
      Thanks for stopping by! I really apreciate it:)


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