torsdag 23. oktober 2014

The mysterious antique sideboard

Good things happen to good people, or at least I like to think so.
When I was asked if I wanted to to take this piece out of a friends hands, I allmost cryed a little.
I was so excited I didnt know wich foot to stand on!

These are the pictures she sent me, I allready then I could see that it was pretty unique!
 It had been doing the job as a bathroom furniture in a house they just bought, and they did not have room for it. They had several people asking if they could have it, but they wanted to ask me first, after seeing all the furnitures I have "transformed". It obviously should go to someone who knows what they are doing. Hahaha....
So now the pressure is ON!

As I mentioned, this used to be a bathroom furniture, but we dont have space for this in the bathroom (oh, I wish!) so we removed the sink. Which ofcourse left a big gaping whole in the marble top. In lack of anything else for a top, I placed a vintage window and threw on some decorations on it.
At least its better for now, than the big gaping whole....

Not very apeiling

I off course tried to make some sense out of this piece of furniture before I start doing any major work. How old is it, what origin does it have? Was it originally a bathroom furniture?  (I have a sneaking suspicion it`s not), is it valuable? But from an antiquarian perspective it is ruined. 
The one front door has a big crack, the drawers have been removed to make room for the sink, only leaving the drawer fronts and off course the desk top which I suspect is not even original.
But still, it is an amazing piece! Just look at the carwings on the top of the mirror!  And the whole piece is allmost six feet tall! It is definitely a keeper. 

Now I am trying to find out how I want it to look when I am finnished. I was thinking about trying milk paint. What do you guys think? Is this looker a good candidate for milkpaint?

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