torsdag 4. desember 2014

Little wood table in gray suit; MMS`s Shutter Grey and Trophy Grey

Its no secret, I love grey. For me, grey is one of the prettiest colors there is. It has so many lovely shades, can be paired up with a lot of other colors, and gived me just the right mix of cottage and shabby chic.

I`ve had this little wood table standing in my living room for a year now. It was rescued from a barn, where my mother in law put it, probably many years ago. It had been stripped from several layers of old paint ( I saw hints of red, blue and white!) and had been standing "naked" in its natural wood, ever since I took it home. Dont get me wrong, I really love the old, chippy look, but it was time to change it up a bit, and make it match the rest of my (grey) interior.

(exuse the lighting, its terrible!...)

Heres the table, naked and raw, with lots of old "scares". You can very easely see signs of old paint.

Heres the results after the first layer of milkpaint. I am so lucky to have a retailer of Miss Mustard Seed Milkpaint "near by" in Sweden where I buy my paint. I used Shutter grey for the base. Originally, I bought the colors with the intent to use this color for the top coat, but after reading a little more about the color, it turns out that it is a lot more blue than grey. So I switched it for the bottom color.

I read somewhere that candle wax can be used as a tool for easier chipping. You simply rub it on the places where you want the paint to chip easier, and then you paint over it, and watch the magic happen. Well, obviously I am not a magician, because I didnt see any sign of chipping at all. Unfortunately..... 

Starting with the second coate, I used Trophy grey. A lovely rustic grey. I wanted to make sure that the shutter grey color showed through the top color, so I deliberately did not cover everything with the Trophy, leaving small areas open for the bottom color to come trough.

Look at that! Perfection! The trick is to know when to stop layering the paint, and that sounds quite easy, but I assure you, its not! 

Finnished with second, and last coat of paint. Now comes the sanding and distressing. My favorite part!  Because: (everybody know! ) THATS WHEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS!
I know, I have said it sooooo many times before.....

I got to use MMS antique wax. So soft, it was like handeling butter! So after giving the table a layer of clear wax, some areas of the table got a taste of the dark antique wax. I really think that gave it the proper look. 

Would you look at that! So many different layers of color. You can even se the wood peeking out from under the milkpaint, and the chipping from the red, blue and white old paint that had been stripped away. Is it possible to be even more in love with this piece?... 

It makes for a great statement piece in my living room, and really gives the right pointer as to what is my interior style. Old, vintage and reused! Just the way I like it!

Thanks for reading! Hope it was interesting:)

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  1. Great piece, it must've been fun to keep adding layers and layers. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

    1. Thanks Etcetorize for youre comment, I apreciate it:)

  2. Hi Tone, oh I can see I can learn lots from you once I get into more paint projects!!! Beautiful transmormation!! Christine from Little Brags

    1. Hi Christine! How nice of you to stop by! Thank you for the kind words:) I just love looking at other peoples projects to find Inspiration:)

  3. Thank you! Yes, that was my gole, to make it look old:) allthough it IS a very old table, I didnt want it to loose that look:) Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. I LOVE how this turned out!!! So perfect for the piece, in that, it tells a story in it's patina of a long life. What a treasure!! ;)


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