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A little christmas and advent decoration

Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to show you a little of our christmas and advent decorations.
Every year, we usually wait until a week or two before christmas eve with the full decorations (the tree comes up around a week before), but we allways put up a little at the first sunday of advent. And the advent candles are mandatory. This year I made my own candle setting by using a big silver plate. Add some moss, a little bling, maybe some traditional holiday flowers like the hyacint.
I think that has to be my absolute favourit christmas flower. It can be used in so many ways, decoration-vise!

every sunday before christmas eve, we lit a new candle. This sunday was the first candle. 
And here in Norway we have this beautiful song, that we sing for every candle that is lit. One vers per candle. It translates like this:

Light the candles!
A candle will burn for this little earth.
The shiny stars in the sky, where we all live.
Must all share hope so that good things can happen.
Must earth and sky meet. A candle is lit for that.

Light the candles!
Two candles will shine for love and faith,
for those who are caring and always builds bridges.
Must prisoners gain their freedom and refugees home.
Light candles for those who weep and those who comforted them.

Light the candles!
Three candles will shine for anyone who must fight.
For justice and for freedom. They need help from us.
Do not lose courage before all people are one.
Light candles for those who fight for freedom and for theire rights.

Light the candles!
Now shines all four candles for Him
who loves everything that lives, every lion and lamb.
Light candles for our King in the sky, who the shepards saw.
Now the earth and sky shall meet in the child laid down on straw.

Isnt that just beautiful?
(And every time I here children sing this song, I try not to cry.......)

Well, I just LOVE old crates! Infact, everything that is from old wood. But this isnt old though, just a reproduction. But it gives me just the look and feeling of old that I am after. And why not stuff it full of pine branches, some pinecones and finish it of with a lovely, white jug? So simple, yet so perfect!
And it looks great on my new antique cabinet.

A couple more? Ok...

This miniature tree was the perfect decoration on this old, chipped table. My little boy helped me with this one;)

Must not forget the kids advent calender!

And finally there`s this little one. Again with the hyacint. These are so lovely when they are in full bloom, either white, pink or lavender. Think this one is white.

I find it interesting to see what other peoples traditions are like when it comes to decorating for the holidays. For instance, it is a big difference from scandinavia to the US. I understand that it is normal to take out the christmas decorations for thanksgiving? Or am I wrong?
What are youre traditions like? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your traditional Christmas with Make It Monday. I love the spirit of the song.


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