mandag 24. november 2014

Vintage media stand with sliding doors. Once again with the chalk paint!

This is an old project. In fact, it was #2 in my refurbishing carrier. I was very intrigued by the sliding doors on this one. And the drawers were just lovely. Unfortunately, the top had a big stain that looked like something fluid had extracted into the wood, as well as inside the cabinet. So something had to be done. I didnd mind!

Look at those legs!

I mixed up the same batch of color that I used on this cabinet. Allso, the edges got a different shade, very similar to the main color, but a little greener. 

The inside of the cabinet is what I would call a result of my inpatience and lack of more paint.
But I think that combo worked, in this perticular situation.

Now, the sliding doors were quite a challenge, because what do you think happens when you get lots of thick paint in between the sliding door- thingies?  Thats right! They get stuck when the paint dryes!
So I had to use some force to loosen it up, and get the paint to release from the door panel. Once I had run them back and forth a few times, it went much smoother. 

To finish it of, I used clear wax, mainly on the top and on the front of the drawers. Allso, I put a little on the sliding doors, hoping that it would give them a smoother slide. And I guess it did, because I have not had any problems with them since. 
A little dark wax on and around the handles and drawers gives the whole piece a little more authentic look, vintage-vise. 

And there you have it! a perfectly good, vintage, chalkpainted tv stand!

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