mandag 23. mars 2015

Slip cover in progress

Happy monday everyone!
It might look as spring has arrived, or at very least it is on its way!

Did anyone get a good look at the solar eclipse last week?? Here in my town it was to cloudy and gray to see anything else than the light fading...

Do you remember this ol`thing?

I bought this chair before christmas with the single purpos of painting it.
I invested in a great color of milkpaint, and started painting. But one thing I didnt account for is that the fabric is wool! I painted and painted, but the chair only sucked it all up, allmost without showing any of the lovely vintage linen color from the milkpaint. And when I had spent allmost the entire bag of powder, with a very bad result to show for, I gave up. And it has been standing like this ever since. Sometimes covered with a blanket. 
Then I had the idea of making a slip cover. Boy, I should have done that from the beginning, because that actually went much better than painting. But its like everything else I do (unfortunately). It sits in  my to-do list and waits! I am really not good at getting things just DONE and finished! Even now after I started making the slip cover, it has been standing unfinished for three days. But at least I started! Haha...

I had these curtains laying around, with the perfect linen-look to it. I thought those would be perfect to use for such a project! And they were! So easy to work with. 
I have never ever made a slip cover before, but I felt like Pinterest had given me the introduction that I needed to get startet. It really wasnt that hard. Just make sure to have alot of pins on hand.

Because of the armrests on the chair, I had to make a gap, leaving me unable to sew the back and front together. Instead I will sew on bands to tie the pieces once finished. That will only ad to the beauty, I think.

I knew I wanted the slip cover to go all the way down to the floor, so I made ruffles to cover around the base. (I apologize for the poor pictures!)
And this is how the chair is standing right now. Waiting for me to sew on the ruffles and the ties. 
But when that is done, it is going to be amazing, I am sure! So, very pleased with my self.
When the slip cover is done, I will paint the armrests, but havent decided on the color yet. I am open for suggestions! Either way it will be with chalkpaint or milkpaint. Love the rustic look it gives! And I am even tempted to paint a few grainsack-stripes on the cover as well! 

This just shows that just because you havent done something before, it doesnt mean it wont be great! 
I`ll be back with pictures of the finished results!

Thanks for stopping by!

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