mandag 13. april 2015

Some times you just need simplicity

I have lost count over how many times I have refurbished our hallway, or changed the furniture in there. And that is only within a year. Infact, our hallway is just like any other room in the house, it is a room we have to use  to get to our kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and up to the second floor where all the bedrooms are. This is very typical for old, norwegian houses. The hallway connects all the other rooms.
And just as important as furnishing is for me, so is storage space, seeing as we have two kids.
I was looking for a piece that I could use to store baskets for all their outer wear like hats, mittens and scarfs etc. A place that would be natural for us to put our keys and what not when we get home, but allso something that would be decorative. 
I am very rarely actually looking for something specific. But I do check different pages online and on facebook daily for cheap scoops. And sometimes (waaaaay to often!) I find something that makes me go: "Ooooh! That would look great there!" 
So, a few weeks ago I found this very cheep old pine shelving on a facebook page for only about 6 dollars (50 NOK). It wasnt much to look at, but had plenty of storage space. So I went to pick it up, and started cleaning it right away, as it was full of dust and spider webs after having been stored in a garage. I allso removed the legs, with the idea of maybe, sometime, replacing them with industrial weels.

I had some leftovers from different colors of Miss Mustard Seed milkpaint.
First I gave the cabinet and shelves a couple thin layers of linen, a soft creamy white.
The backboard got a different color, a mix of Shutter Gray and Trophy. The same for the top. It is very hard to see from the pictures, but the top has a nice shine of light blue, gray and white. Very nice! And everything was topped of with a light sanding, a little distressing here and there to get the wood showing, and then topped it of with wax. 

Now we have a great storage space for all our stuff, pluss it lookes quite nice in the hallway.
Wonder what I`ll do with it next, haha... 

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  1. That really looks nice and bright....a new fresh look! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Lavender Dreamer :)


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