torsdag 20. august 2015

Old, wooden chair

A few weeks ago I picked up a vintage closet. I immediately knew this was ment to stand in our kids room. Only thing was, we could`nt get it up the stairs! Believe me, we tried! So, we had to call on our neigbour to help us lift it up on the veranda. So there you have it: two strong men, lifting a vintage cabinet OVER their heads in standing position, and me. on the veranda, holding it steady, while my husband ran inside, up the stairs and out to help me lift it over the fence. Oh, the sight it must have been!.....
Well, I am procrastinating. This post is actually about the chair that I got along with the cabinet.
(An other post will be out on the cabinet once I get my fingers out and finish it....)

There it is. Very old. And pink..... 
I am sure it has been painted several times. But pink wasnt doing it for me, so I decided that something had to be done. I decided to use MMS in the color Marzipan. That is actually a strange color, because at first it looks white, or some sort of "natural". But if you look very close, it has a pink hue to it, allmost like cartoon skin color (I know, I just said that pink doesnt work for me). But it is so suttle and neutral.

Its quite the transformation, is`nt it? I gave it to layers of Marzipan, and that gave the chair a little crackle in the paint. Very nice! I allso painted on by hand with a very thin pencil some branches and leafes on the seat and on the upper back support. And at last gave it a good wax, and finished of with dark antique wax.

Hope you liked it:)

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