torsdag 24. september 2015

Dining room makeover

We all love makeover, am I right? I know I do! Oh, the feeling one gets when looking at Pinterest for makeovers on calming bedrooms, relaxing bathrooms and farmhouse kitchens. Ow well.... One can always dream.....

We have lived in our old rental house for allmost 3 years now, and one room in perticular has been on my nerves ever since we moved in. It felt like what ever I did, and however hard I tried, this room was just not RIGHT! I am sure you all know what I mean. Right?
The big elephant in the (dining) room, was this horrible green vinyl floor. I hated it then, and I still do. But we finally dived in it and bought new laminate floors! You must be asking yourself; "why did it take you so long?!...". The deal is that we are infact only renting, and spending so much money on something that might not even be ours, isnt worth it. But on the other hand, we could be living there for decades, and I really wanted new floors. So thats what we did... got new laminate.
And I love it! It makes the whole difference! Infact, its like its a whole new room in this old, little house! And it feels so warm and cozy, and gives just the right feel to it. And what else, is that it gets me one more step closer to the whole farmhouse-feel.

Here`s the before. Now, keep in mind that a lot of the furnitures has been changed out...

Its like that green floor takes over the whole atmosphere. And not in a good way!

But after!

Something definetly happened to the light and temperature in the room. Now this is a delightful place to have my morning coffee. All the furnitures I have thrifted and painted my self. And they help make this a home I can live in.
I hope you enjoyed the little tour!


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