mandag 21. september 2015

Vintage wooden dresser in MMS`s Iron Stone

Hello everyone!
Today I want to show a dresser that I bought a few months ago. I have been playing with the thougt of painting it time after time, but havent quite been able to make up my mind. But that was until now!
I just threw my seld into it, and grabbed the brush, hoping that if I painted this dresser white, then it would help brighten up our dining room a little.

The lady I bought it from, told me she once bought it from an old man when she was a student, I guess about 25-30 years ago. And when she got it, it was painted brown. She stripped it down, only to find out that it allso had been red, blue and black at some time. So it is safe to say that this lovely thing had been through quite a lot of makeovers.

Allthough I do like old, raw wood, I can only take so much. Besides, it was a blank canvas begging for attention.
I only had some milkpaint in the color Iron Stone. Even though I would much rather paint it in MMS`s Grain Sack, I just couldnt wait to get started. So Iron Stone it was....

Now, this dresser was VERY thirsty! It took three layers of paint. Some places more, and I was starting to get nervous of if I had enough paint to finish it. But I did! But I did leave the top unpainted, and that I did for a good reason. You see, I have a pretty old cupboard hanging over the dresser, allso in old, raw wood. And I wanted the two pieces to still "be connected", if you know what I mean.

Anyway, after the painting was done, I sanded and distressed in all the "right" places. I will admit, I was very nervous that I had done a stupid thing by painting the dresser. Somehow, while painting it, I just didnt get a good vibe of it. But that all changed when I was finished destressing it! I knew I had done the right thing by giving it a makeover! I gave it a layer of clear wax, and it was perfect!

I just love it!
What do you think? Did I do the right decision by painting it?

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  1. Another gorgeous makeover Tone! Thank you for joining in the party! Smiles for a great weekend!


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