torsdag 3. september 2015

French vintage dresser

Happy friday everyone!
I`m still riding on my own little cloud after making a great sale yesterday!
A couple of weeks ago I decided I would take this furniture-painting to a whole other level, and opened a Facebook page dedicatet to the furnitures I find, buy, paint and restore. I have ambitions about someday being able to make this to more than a hobby.
Ever since that day I have been picking up furniture ALOT! Our top floor is full of furniture in all shapes and sizes. Haha....

Yesterday I finished a lovely french dresser, that I had been working on for 3-4 days (I still have a full-time job, two kids and a husband, so things take time).

When I picked up this piece, it was in perfect condition! Not a single scratch! The former owners must have taken really good care of it! It was allmost as I felt bad that I was going to paint it....
But I really dont regret it.

Here is the "before"

It was very nice and all, but it just did`nt do it for me....

I knew I wantet to try one of Miss Mustard Seeds newest colors, Schloss. So I went for that and Iron Stone. Both are great colors! Besides, nothing beats grey on a french old wornout piece of furniture, Since that was the look I was going for.

I startet out "highlighting" some areas with the darkest of the color, Schloss. The side panels and the drawers were going to be white, so I wanted the grey to show under a little bit, to give it a little depth

After that, I sort of went in my thinking box, I often do that, right after I have startet on a piece. Because usely I havent decided what I want it to be before AFTER I have startet. 
But I knew I wantet it to look old, and worn, and french. And not perfect. I wantet it to look chic.
Thats where the dark antique wax comes in. It makes wonders! It is the perfect touch for an old, worn look.

What do you think? Did I do just that?

Oh, as I was sayin... I am still soaring on a cloud of happy, because this lovely dresser sold after only 15 min after I put it out for sale on my facebook page. A lady really liked it and wanted it right away! I must be doing something right, huh?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! I am taking my family up on the mountains for the weekend, where I will propably dream about my next project! 

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  1. Beautiful, great French chest that inspires.

    1. Thank you! How nice, I really apreciate it :)

  2. Just stunning Tone! Please come and share at Five Star Frugal. We adore finding ways of living elegantly for less and this sure fits the bill! Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Thank you for the invitation! I`ll be right over :)

  3. Gorgeous! Love how you used more than 1 colors...great job!
    Thanks so much for shairng at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

    1. Thank you Cindy! I am glad you liked it:)

  4. Beautiful job! No surprise that it sold quickly.

  5. I am back and I have to elaborate, the chest is loving you right back for dressing it in true French beauty... The french have this saying for their Brocante" Not quite valued, but not quite worthless" you added in my opinion so much most value to it... as for antiques being painted now days a painted piece holds more value then a stain grade.

    I took an expensive Ethan allen chest of drawers my daughter was twelve at the time and she so wanted it for her French bedroom you will see in in a couple of postings back on my site, but she wanted me to do my thing to it, a heavier white and water stained to look abused and it does in person, well needless to say a $1,799. dresser was stripped raw and bare and repainted, It was then I said why did we not not get a great cheat thrifty find if we were going to remove its finish... its not the value you take from a piece, its the charm of French brocante yo add to it. she loves it a million times better and we have added age to something that was dating itself.

    This is just what you did for this piece, and hear me it would be a piece I would add to my home in a minute :)

    Thank you dear for all you inspire...
    Thank you for your grace and beauty over at my place, your words left felt like beauty to my ears.



    1. Thank you so much dear for that breathtaking respons! You truly left me with goosbumps! It is really amazing to have someone I admire so much for their interior taste and knowledge to give me such heartwarming comments! Thank you :)

  6. Beautiful! Great job!!! love your choice of colors

  7. This is gorgeous! The colors you chose are perfect for this look. Isn't it fun when a vision you have comes to life? I'm visiting from Something to Talk About and your piece is truly eye catching!

    1. Thank you Beverly! I am honored that you think so! It means alot!


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