onsdag 25. mai 2016

An old, vintage dresser in Miss Mustard Seed milkpaint

T H I S is why I love what I do! And why I strive to know all there is to know about milkpaint. I think it is amazing how you can take a really old piece of furniture, paint it, and still have it looking old. From the info that I got from the previous owner of this dresser, it is about 100 years old. But it was in good condition, considering...

The drawers had been covered with an adhesive lining paper. It was hideous, and quite frankly impossible to get off. Event though it most likely had been there since the 50`s, the glue was incredible strong. I wasnt even a little fond of spending time on that...

My head went through a dozen of color combinations for this dresser. I knew I wanted a two-toned look, and I wanted it to look "old". I had to restrain my self from using Miss Mustard Seeds Boxwood, a lovely green color. And by green I meen GREAN! Really green. In fact, the reason why I didnt use it is that I had to be sure it would sell.... and not everyone likes green, so I have heared.

So I opted for a combination of Curio (MMS`s brown) and a self-mixed color of blueish teal.
I do not regret that choise, because they came out amazing! I just love the selfmade mix. If I am not mistaken, I used Flow Blue and mixed in what I had left over with Marzipan, Shutter Grey, Schloss, and a little Farmhouse White. I think that was it.....


The handles were sort of interesting, except some of the white plastic on them were broken. So I had to remove it.

The drawer linings. Need I say more?....


I just love the MMS brown (Curio)! It is a truly brown color, and can allso be used as a stain. And it covers so well. The thing that I was so amazed by with this project, was how the grain and nooks showed through the paint, but still gave a good cover. That makes the whole differens! And it still looks old. 

I lined the drawers with a baroque-themed wallpaper. The suttle blue on creamy white was the perfect addition to the dresser. Plus, it covers up the hidious 50`s paper. The handles got a good scrubbing, and are now shining like gold.

And off course, I have to show you all the amazing details!

Look at these pictures of the blue! Doesnt it look like a starlit sky?

I realise that the colors on the pictures look a little different from eachother, but that is because on some of them I had`nt applied the wax and on others there are both clear and dark wax. 

Well, what do you think? No wonder this is one of my favourits so far! I am allso lucky to have good customers, because a lady who has allredy bought three other pieces of me, allso snatched this one up.  Yeah!

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  1. Oh My goodness! I love this dresser now! The custom mixed colour is beautiful! Well done! I love milk paint too, it can make even new pieces look authentic old! Keep on doing what you do, it's wonderful! I hope you have a great day!
    The Curator's Collection & Making Broken Beautiful Thursday

    1. Hi Terry ! Thank you for that sweet comment! It is truly appreciated:)


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