mandag 13. juni 2016

Makeover of a 80`s something rolled top desk

I love furniture, no doubt about that. But I do have a special crush on hutches and secretary desks. Actually anything that can unfold itself to me, open up and show the inside. There is just something to it.....

This is an 80`s (possibly even 70`s) secretary desk. It was tiered and a little worn down. But nothing I knew I couldnt fix.
When I first saw it, I knew the knobs had to go first thing. Well, that wasnt going to be very easy, because they were plugged in with wooden dowels and glued ALOT! I used every trick in the book to get them off. Finally, they went.

Heres a few before pictures...

See how rough the finish had become?
But the wood was still so beautyfull, so I knew I wanted to keep some of the wood finish. I just had to give its old shine back. Allso, after seeing Jamie over at Andersons & Grant with her amazing two-toned rolled top desk in black, I instantly knew what I wanted the end results to be!

I used Miss Mustard Seeds Typewriter for this job. I just lovet the matt, chalky finish on it. I sanded to top with machine, then I stained it. Everything that wasnt painted in black, got a few layers with hempseed oil. I have allways wanted to try MMS hemseed oil, but I havent gotten my hands on it yet, so I actually dared to try a hempseed oil from a regular health product store. And it worked like a charm! (but still want to try MMS`s...)

I just love the effect on the rolled top! I sanded quite a bit to bring out the gold-like oak. Instead of waxing, I used the hempseed oil on it. 

All the pull handles were replaced with these golden knobs. They are just the perfect crown on this jewel. I sanded quite a bit all around the edges of the desk, to make it look more vintage. 
I can just imagine sitting here, writing hand-written letters on old, yellowed paper with an ink pen. Hopefully someone else will allso se the nostalgic charm in this old, renewed rolled top desk.

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  1. This desk is a true beauty now. I really like how you kept the wood stained and the painted parts. I certainly need to try the hemp oil, it brings a nice glow to the piece.

  2. Tone, I'm loving that you kept the original finish. I'm a fan! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou and showing that not everything has to be painted white or French grey! Mimi xxx

  3. Love your makeover! There is something very pretty about distressed black and the stained woood. Thanks for sharing your link with me!

  4. I love these desks! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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