mandag 29. august 2016

A dreamy, vintage vanity desk

Hi everyone! Summer is over, kids are back to school (In Norway, kids have been going to school for two weeks allready) and I am back to work. We had a lovely summer vacation, and two warm, delightfull weeks in Greece. But it is good to be back. I can allready feel the fall creeping up on us. But I dont mind. Fall is my favourit time of the year.

I actually got to do a bit painting and refurbishing during the summer. I havent been taking it to easy.
I never really can.

But I am going to start with a lovely, handmade, vintage vanity desk that I actually got for free by a very sweet old lady. It had once been painted mint green, but she had stripped all of all the paint many years ago. And I am so glad she did, because raw, dry wood is my favourit kind of wood to paint when I use milkpaint. So this piece of goodness was the perfect candidate for Miss Mustard Seeds lovely collection.

I did very little prepping and/or sanding. Except for the legs, wich still had just a little paint left on it.
I was so lucky to have my to little helpers with me.
They were very eager to help.

After it was sanded, and dusted, I brought it in. I had removed the big framed mirror and placed it up against our kitchen island. Does anyone want to take a guess at what happened next?? Anyone?....
Well, what was bound to happen when you are stupid enough to place it in a highly trafficated room, I guess. Because someone tripped on it, and the whole thing went BAM! to the floor.
So now I had to start looking for a new mirror to replace it with the shattered one. Long story short; I found one.

I used a mix of MMSMP in Bergere and and Schloss, and homemade white chalkpaint for this one.

I just love how easy the paint sticks to raw wood. And if you look close, you can see the woodgrains peeking through the finish. Perfect!

I am not going to bore you with to much details, because it was pretty straight forward. But there is one detailt I want to point out, and that is the delicate wall paper lining I inserted in the drawers and inside the cabinet doors. They had the perfect framed panels for the paper. And it really compliments the dusty blue color of the vanity.

Again with the woodgrain. Look how they glow through the paint.
And those "waterdrop" pullhandles are the icing on the vanity-cake!

This was such a fun piece to work with, and it quickly got a new owner aswell. 
I hope it gets a long and happy life!

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  1. That is dreamy! Great job! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  2. It looks beautiful! Great job!

  3. Turned out beautifully and you had such sweet helpers!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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