onsdag 9. august 2017

Fusion Mineral Paint in my heart

It has been a year! A whole year since the last time I wrote a blogpost! I knew it had been long, but I had no idea! I have no other excuses, other than "life happens". But I sort of only used my FB page for posting.
I have not NOT been painting. That is not the reason. "Business is blooming", really. Well, hobby non the less. But still. I have painted quite a bit. I have been taking a break from milkpaint, but instead I discovered Fusion Mineral Paint. It is A M A Z I N G! (I know, I am really, really late to the party...)

While spending lazy summer days under the spanish sun, I kept my eyes on the furniture ads back home in Norway. I was so lucky when I found this set! 

Here it is dismantled. It allso came with this matching head bord.

I found a stamp inside one of the drawers saying: J. B. Van Sciver Co. 
So at one time, this lovely bedroom set was actually imported from the U.S all the way to Norway!
How exciting is that?!  I know you feel me, haha

I had allready set my mind on Fusion Mineral Paints Ash. A warm, lush dark grey. I absolutely love how luxuriously it looks. It came on incredible easy, and two layers was all it took.
I sanded all the way down the top, and stained them with a weathered light grey stain.
You dont have to seal your pieces while using FMP becuase it allready has a protective sealing built-in in the finished paint. Is`t that amazing? (but I guess you guys allready knew that, because again, I`m late, haha....)
But I decided to use white wax either way, because I wanted a weathered and rustic look to my piece. And the wax gave me exsactly that! 

The drawers were lined whit this delicate feather paper

I could not be more happy with the outcome.  I really, really love it! 
It is still waiting for someone to pull it away from me. Until then, it is sitting here, safely.

You might have noticed that I havent re-finished the headboard? That is because I have slightly other plans for it. But I`ll save that for another day.

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