torsdag 30. oktober 2014

How to be accurate when you drill new wholes for your drawer pullers. Every time!

Well, this old thing keeps popping up. You might remember that when I bought it, one puller was missing, and they were`nt really much to look at to begin with, So I decided to remove all of them, plaster up the holes and make new, once I had found the right pullers. And I did!
See how I painted them and gave them a makeover with chalkpaint here.

But I was a little short-sighted, and had not foreseen how I would make sure that the holes on all three drawers were identical. So I came up with something, that I think was very clever! Haha...
I have not seen it elsewhere, but I doubt I am the first person in history who came up with it.
And by all means, if there is an easier/better way, please let me know!

You are going  to need tracing paper and a pencil.
Make sure your paper is long enough to cover the lenght of the drawer.

Place the pullers where you want them, and start measuring. 

Heres a tip! When you have it where you want it and you have marked the spots (I marked with a pen spot exactly were the screw holes goes) then you fold the paper in half and just trace them over from where you made them the first time. Now you will have a mirroring image of the handle placement. 

Fold open the paper again over the drawer, push down hard with your pen/pencil so that it goes through the paper and leaves a visable mark on the actual drawer. That is were you will drill youre holes.

Everything in order! As simple as that.
Thanks for stopping by:)

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