søndag 26. oktober 2014

Pumpkin and fall vignette

I really love sundays. Except that after sunday comes monday. Dont love that so much.
Sundays are great days to fiddle around with your interiour, move things around and get lots of new ideas. 
I bought these really cute, little pumpkins for decorating. I see they are "all over the place", so I wanted to try them out. First I thought of painting them with chalkpaint like these that Kelly over at Jax does design made. I love the whole painted pumpkin consept! I might still paint mine,  but for now I`m going to enjoy the lovely fall colors.

My chalkpainted secretaire finally got its drawer handles mounted. The pine cones were picked by my little man at kindergarden, the basket is a thrift shop find, as is the cake stand. I found the mirror in the barn while looking for treasures (find one!) And then theres these cute, little baby pumkins. Dont they look lovely?

Have a great sunday!

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